Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just another day at Work

So as you all know the whole reason why we even moved to New York in the first place was because Steven was able to get such an amazing internship with the Times Square Alliance. So I decided to document where he goes to work everyday so we can remember the only reason why were are here! He also had another event which we have pictures for too!

So this is the door he walks through everyday :) haha

His second event he helped plan was called Summer Solstice. Which was Yoga in Times Square. It was really cool because the theme was "You can have peace and tranquility on top of a Mountain, but can you get that in Times Square?" So of course I was signed up to do this Yoga! It was a little weird... those "Yogis" (As Steven called them) were pretty crazy! ha it was all about worshiping the sun and sending a chant home to someone ??? it was super cool though because we were literally doing it in the streets!

this one is from Steven's window on like the 8th floor

So these are pretty much the weirdest pictures of me this whole trip but we had to put them in!

And now on to my job. I didn't really need one but we wanted money to be able to do everything we wanted! So of course I took a few pics of my store. It was kinda embarrassing because I took these on my day off and I passed my boss while I was taking them :S ha I don't think she saw though! The coolest part about my job is I am one block away from the Radio City Music Hall! It is so cool to see that cute little place every day!

This is the view from literally the front door of the Loft!

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  1. You're so cute! I'm glad that you are having so much fun! I am very jealous that you get to go to so many shows! Keep posting :]