Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Oh just why couldn't we experience New York like this?

This is literally ten steps away from where a worked...

We went when it was Hot and muggy and Humid....
I can't complain though! We still had the best Summer of our lives!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Happy Halloweeny!

OK. I know this is a little bit late
(well, a lot a bit late)

But I still have to post some cute pictures of Halloween! Because it's my favorite holiday, I become obsessed with the decorations, candy and of course Halloween costumes! My grandma had a family get together with everyone in their costumes and it was so much fun! Steven and I didn't really have any costumes until like the day before, and at the last minute, Steve decided to be a Ute fan. (Sooo original. I know... ;) We had a ton of fun though and its so good to see my family!

Also my little cousin Chelsea's birthday is Halloween day so we went to her house for a cute little birthday party. Her mom made as many spooky foods as she could come up with and she actually did a fantastic job!

So what we have here: The wicked witch of the west with the house that fell on her, mummy pizzas, Witch fingers, Devils eyeballs (deviled eggs) and a watermelon brain!

Well, needless to say, I am very sad my favorite holiday has come and gone again. But now we get to look forward to CHRISTMAS! Yay!
(I'm helping my mom decorate this week! She likes to start really early :)