Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Official!

Well the time has come... It is now official...
We are moving to New York!

Steven got an internship with Times Square called the Times Square Alliance. We are so pumped to move out of this city! We have had these plans made for months now. Steven started applying to internsips in October and just NOW something came! It was almost getting to the point where we felt we were going to New York with or without an Internship. We are certainly glad there is one though.
We are leaving Salt Lake on May 28th, (right after my best friends wedding.... it will be one heck of a day!) on a red eye flight. We leave Salt Lake at 11:30 and arrive at NY at 6:00 am! I have a feeling we won't be sleeping much that night... But quite frankly I don't think we care one little bit!
We found an apartment on campus at NYU on a street called Mercer Street. (doesn't that sound so cute? I can't wait to send mail home with our cute little address on it! ha) We still don't exactly know what room we are getting but its a studio apartment, complete with a bed, desk, kitchen and bathroom. Oh, and did I mention its a whopping 400 sq. feet. Yep, you did that math right... Your thinking right now "Wow thats the size of our walk-in closet." It will be tight. But we are already planning on spending as little time there as possible. I mean with a place like New York who would want to stay indoors anyway!?

This is just to give you an idea what we are dealing with here. (Notice there is one small closet... and if any of you know me, you'll be crying for me right now.)

Ok I know this pic is tacky but this is the only thing we have to go off of! ha

The only thing we are thinking of though is how much fun we are going to have spending 11 weeks in such an amazing city. We are already starting a list of everything we want to do while we are there. If anyone has been and knows some cool restaurants or places to visit let us know! I'm planning on being a diligent blogger when we get there! I'll be sure to post everything and a lot of pictures. I want our family to see what we get to enjoy every day.

38 more days!
Hopefully with that much time left we can still plan and pack everything we need to! But who knows... with a husband like mine, he'll be packing the night before.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crazy Week

Today was Steven's birthday and we had a lot of fun today. It's always good when you have a birthday on a Saturday because you don't have school or work! Although Steven hasn't gone to work this entire week because of PTO, we'll still pretend it was better because it's Saturday. We decided to go see How to Train Your Dragon earlier... we were the only adults without children there... ha we were ok with that! We saw it on Imax 3-D and it was actually really good! Then we went to the new Deseret Book flagship store and killed an hour or two in there. Steven decided he wanted to eat at Famous Daves for his Big day, it was good but I felt like I ate like a man... haha I had enough meat to feed one that's for sure! Steven is a funny boy because he actually didn't even want a cake today, so I made him cupcakes. Haha I guess they are easier to eat anyway. Of course because I was in charge of the day I didn't even take any pictures. I am such an awful wife! How does someone get into caputring the moment? I never know exactly when to take pictures either... I partly blame my mother because she always had the camera out so I just got used to smiling instead of being the one doing the picture taking! I am promising to be better at that.

So this week I have been working my butt off to try and make as many headbands as I could. My mom took them all yesterday and sold them at her booth at a dance competiton in Syracuse and I actually did pretty well! This was my first time selling anything and I made $150! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up this business. I am going up to Park City this weekend to man my Mom's booth at some boutique so hopefully I'll be able to sell some more!