Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Saturdays

We all treasure those wonderful Summer Saturdays.

Swimming in the pool, Popsicles in the sun, taking a walk through the park, Mowing the lawn, playing with the kiddies in the backyard...

Steven and I get to enjoy our Summer Saturdays a little differently around here.

We get to...
Get lost in Central park, find an amazing block BBQ from Americas best pit masters, visiting the Museum of Natural History, spotting rats on the subway, and of course getting caught in that rain. Ok maybe not everything is different :) But we have some great pictures to show from it! We are just loving living here. We really look forward to our Saturdays too because that's when we have all our fun!

Big Apple BBQ

Huge tree at the Museum of Natural History

Beautiful Central Park Castle and the view from the top

Gross little Rat waiting for the Subway like we were

Absolutely drenched standing at a pond in Central Park

Can't wait to see what this Saturday in Coney Island brings! :)

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  1. Wow ky! You guys are having so much fun! What an awesome life experience!