Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Utah trip

We went to Utah this past week and had such a fun time with family! 

We flew from Long Beach and love the airport because it's super small and you actually walk down some stairs outside to get off and on! Jack was loving all of the big planes! I don't think he realized we were actually on one!

The first day we went to the Farmington Station with my mom. They have the cutest little eating area where we sat and ate Zupas while Jack was just enthrawled  with the fountain. He can't ever sit still to eat a meal, so he ate some mango off my salad and then had dessert with Grammy. She spoils him. 

We had a fun little get together with our family for Jacks 2nd birthday! I can't believe he will be 2 in a week! We had all of his grandparents come and even some aunts, uncles and cousins! He calls most of them Grammy and papa but my dad loves to be called Papa Wheeler (pop a wheeler.... Motorcycle nut) and Melissa is called Gigi by her other grandkids so that's what Jack calls her too. He got lots of fun things! Books, a big goofy stuffed animal, a huge floor puzzle, church clothes, swim suits, and a cute little flute that slides to make silly sounds. He had such a fun time at his party! He woke up at 4:30 that morning and didn't sleep until a nap around 10. He skipped his afternoon nap and had 4 cupcakes that day. So he was a bit crazy!

The next day my dad and Connie got sealed in the Draper temple! I got to sit with my dad which was so special for me. Afterward we took picture outside the temple and my little explorer went to town! He kept saying "Mell the flowers!" (Sniff) "mm das good!" Haha he is such a sweet boy! 

On Sunday we were able to take the neighbors golf cart around the neighborhood and had so much fun! Jack loved riding around and kept saying "mommy crazy driver!" We went to my parents stake center down the street and drive all over the grassy field. They had a few bumps and we loved flying lover them! We were all laughing and having such a fun time! Brooklyn said "these are such fun memories!" 

We got shaved ice pretty much every day we were there. Jack is such a moocher when it comes to sugar. He kept saying "mommies!" "Bookies!" Haha he got his fill for sure! 

We went to my Dad's house the night before we left and Jack had so much fun playing in his yard! He has a front yard, then a back fenced in part where some chickens live. Jack played in there the entire time just following the chickens. Then they got out and he followed them into the front yard! There were also some wild ducks that flew in and just let Jack follow them around everywhere! The grossest part is Jack kept climbing the ladder to the dirty chicken coop. Sadly my phone memory was full so I didn't get a picture if all of this. 

On the last day we were there we went to a trampoline gym! I haven't had that much fun in a long time. We did backflips into the foam pit, we jumped on a huge bubble, and even slid down a big blowup slide 500 times. We had so much fun!

Sadly our trip had to come to an end. We had so much fun playing with our family! Jack hardly slept a wink and had a cold while we were there, but he was a party baby! He picked up "das mine!!" Which I was not thrilled about and he also started talking much quicker. He's growing up so fast and I can't believe how incredibly sweet he is. He kisses and loves everyone he sees. Such a sweet boy! We love our family so much and are sad to be back home. Hopefully we will see them again soon!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Catching up

Oh hey there! Remember me? Yeah I'm that girl that used to write to you constantly then one day just gave it all up. 
Well I'm back! For the time being... I just had to post about my sweet baby Jack. He's not so much a baby anymore and it's breaking my heart. I was looking back at old pictures of him around 6 months and sadly I forgot what he was like then! I can't believe I forgot but time has a funny way of erasing the little moments if we don't write them down! So I'm here to capture the wonderful little moments that are happening in our life right now.   

I'm sorry this is a jumbled mess, but I just have to get it all out before it's lost in my brain forever! So here we go...

Jack is so full of life and energy! Each morning I wake up just a little nervous for what the day has on store. He is such a busy body he can wear me out so quickly! His sweet little smile always brightens my day and I couldn't ever picture my life without him! 

He is talking up a storm now! He loves to say "Mom!" Then proceed to jibber jabber something I don't understand for a good minute or more! He loves talking even if I don't know what he is saying. So we have lots of conversations where I just mostly try to look really interested and smile and nod a bit. :) he can repeat any word we say and says it really well too! His favorite word is still no and says it way too much. He also started speaking in sentences! His first sentence was when we were in the backyard the other day and he turned to look at me. With a sniff into his hands he said "Mmm dis's good!" Haha he's just so hilarious and sweet! The way he gets excited about an airplane noise outside or the thought of going to color is just the cutest. He gets really big eyes and always makes an oo look with his lips. He has the sweetest spirit. Every time he gives me something he says "De-do mommy." (Thank you mommy) even when he doesn't need to say thanks he still does! He has started to say "hurt" and make me kiss any boo-boo an loves saying "ya you!" (love you) 

On a typical day with Jack you will usually find him saying "ca-cakes" (pancakes) first thing in the morning! He loves pancakes and waffles! ("Fa-fulls") he started this kick when we got the frozen boxes of Elmo and Cookie Monster kiddie pancakes and waffles! He loves milk and juice and begs for them constantly. After breakfast he finds the remote or iPad and says "shows! Shows" over and over again. He is too obsessed with the tv! I usually let him watch one while I get ready and it's either Mickey Mouse clubhouse or Jake and the never land pirates. ("Gake") after I'm all ready we usually color and color and color some more. He knows the names of all the colors, just not quite in the right order. Thanks to his aunties he know pink and white perfectly! He is also obsessed with stickers! He can unpeel a whole sheet in two minutes! His first spot to stick them is to his head! Haha we love going for walks outside and picking up "co-cones" (pine cones) he loves "sa-side" (outside) and we usually end up spending the majority of our day out there. The one thing in this world that Jack Fuller could never live without is his "butter mitch" (peanut butter sandwich) I think he asks for them probably 4 times a day. So usually for lunch that's on the menu! He loves all kinds of fruit, but only seems to like green veggies! He loooooves avocados and also likes cucumbers and broccoli. He loves Greek yogurt and cheese too! He could eat cookies all day err day! Haha after lunch time he takes a nap at 1:00 every day. He usually sleeps for 2-3 hours which is wonderful. I barely get the house and myself in order before it's back to coloring and playing all over again! He loves snacks and always is asking for some "sacks!" We usually eat crackers, cheese or fruit.  Our evenings are always different. Jack loves his daddy so much and even though he hasn't started work yet I have prepared him and whenever we are away from daddy he says "daddy, werk?" Haha they have so much fun playing together. I love watching their special bond! He is really starting to love Winston too! He always wants to give him his binki or pound it with him. Haha the best though is when Winston barks, we always get stern with Winston and say "no barking." Well now Jack takes the liberty of doing it himself. He will yell "Nin! A barking!" Haha I love that he calls him Nin. Jack also loves reading books! He can read the same book 10 times! He loves to have me read it to him a few times, then he read it to himself a few more times after that. At the end of the night we sing primary songs and pray together as a family. Jack is so cute when it comes to the prayer. He folds his arms immediately and says amen as well! He sleeps with his binki (still) and calls it his "beek" we are trying to phase that one out soon so we will see how it goes. He also sleeps with his special blanket he loves as well as big Elmo, little Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Mickey. Haha 

The one thing I want to remember most about this age is how excited he gets about things and also the amount of passion and wonder he has! When he stares longingly into my eyes my whole soul just melts into a puddle! I never want to forget that sweet face because I know too quickly he will grow up and forget all of that wonder he has within him. I am so grateful and incredibly blessed to be a mother to one of the most amazing boys. He has taught me so much about life! I feel like this is really living! I love seeing the world through his eyes!

I think that pretty much sums up our sweet, lovable, amazing little boy! He is growing up so much! It makes me so sad to see how time is flying by. But it's also so wonderful to see him growing as well! We love our precious little man!