Monday, April 20, 2009

Steven is now 23!

We had the best weekend I think both of us have had in such a long time! Friday was Steven's birthday and we got to do some great stuff! I spent all night Thursday making him this fantastic cake called Orange Velvet. It was sooo amazing! I actually messed up on the first one so I made two! haha I got the idea from a bridal show the week before when this clever lady decided to have cool flavored wedding cakes! She had things from orange velvet to raspberry lemonade! Steven and I loved her samples so much that I decided to attempt to recreate it. Now I'm not the greatest chef so it was a little difficult... but I think I did pretty good!

We went to Rodizio Grill on Friday and Steve was in heaven! He loves meat more than anything else so he was just goin to town! I had a great time too. We always have fun when we are together because we always find ways to make things fun and exciting! I can't even wait to see what it will be like when this boy and I finally get married! I'm sure everyday will be something different and fun! We had the workers sing him happy birthday in Brazilian or something like that and it was so funny to hear them sing it! The guy with the bongo drums was pounding on them right behind me and Steve said I jumped out of my chair when he started! haha We also got the privilege of seeing Memit Okur from the Jazz. It was so crazy how tall he was! But all in all I think we had a great day!

The next day was our Engagement Pictures! It was so funny to see Steven and how he acted. We were just being calm and casual in the car ride over but as soon as we got in front of that camera he hammed it up! :) he is so cute to me. The photographer kept catching us smooching off camera or would end up with random shots because Steve decided to twirl me around or throw me over his shoulders! ha We had such a fun time! I never wanted it to end! Our photographer said we should be getting back our pictures within a week or so, so we will have to post them up! He took us to the coolest spots in salt lake so we are super excited!

My family decided to have a little birthday dinner for Steven so he got to spend Sunday with us. My sisters are so silly around him! They don't quite know what is going on and why I chose to marry him, but lets hope in time they will understand! ha We went on a walk to the park and Steve got to hold Bo's leash. I swear he loves that dog more than my sisters do! (and that's a lot of lovin!) He got the best candles I have ever seen! I was a tad bit jealous. But the weekend was a blast! We had so much fun! and it was so great to spend time with him. Every time I see him I am just amazed at how much I could love someone! Its a great feeling...