Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jack is 11 Months

This month was full of adventure! We spent our time at the park, at the library story time, the beach, and hanging out with friends! Jack has such a spunky little personality and I love waking up every day wondering what kind of silly things this kid will get into!

Life in Instagrams.
I captured the moments where Jack was in his true element. He is so curious about the dog and I can't keep him away from his food! He also gets into lots of trouble. this month was all about baby proofing!

This month was my sweet man's birthday and we celebrated with a visit to Seaport Village. We ended the day with a man's dinner. We had bacon popcorn (cooked in bacon grease), cook your own hunk of meat on a grill, and an extra tall (extra gross) bacon chocolate cake! haha 

We also had a visit from Jack's only cousins! Steve's sister was in town and of course we went to Disneyland! I'm sad these are the only pictures I got... I like to think that I was just enjoying family instead of taking pictures ;) 
Look at Jack on the Merry-go-round! He just decided to throw those arms up and kept them there! haha He also had the most serious face while doing it. Funny kid.

We had some fun date nights and one of them included a trip to downtown San Diego to eat some killer Indian food and some amazing frozen treats from Ghiradelli ice cream shop :)

The highlight of this month was when Jack got his first haircut!! He was such a trooper and even got a cute little certificate afterward! He looks so grown up and I actually miss his sweet little locks.

This is all I have been witnessing lately. Jack loves his doggie and Winston loves his big brother! They get along great because Jack gives Winston all his food! haha They are so sweet together and I'm so thankful Jack will grow up with a dog!