Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Show Update

OK. I have been terrible about blogging our latest shows so here it goes!

In the order we saw them....
2. We saw the Blueman group in a place that is actually off-Broadway. We found out it was the exact same show as the Blueman in Orlando so we had pretty much already seen it. But we still had fun!
3. Was the Phantom of the Opera... Which I already blogged about.
4. La Cage Aux Folles. Such a hilarious show! Steven loved this one the very most... which is kinda funny because the whole show is about gay men who dress up like women.... :) ha but it was great! Kelsey Grammer (who we all know) was one of the leads, but the man who stole the show was Douglas Hodge. He won his first Tony this year for best leading actor! (he was that amazing) Steven says he could go see this one again and so far its his favorite! That day was a literal downpour so we didn't get any pictures :( but here is what the sign would look like. ha
5. Chicago. Now this one was My favorite show so far :) I loved loved loved this movie so of course I loved the show. My mom said isn't that show kinda sleezy? I was like, well yep but its fantastic! haha I love it because of the great showgirls. I would love to see this one again! We can't see both of our favorites again, so hopefully we can see just one! But I would recommend this show to anyone who loves that 20's feel.

6. Nunsense. Now I know this one wasn't on our countdown but Steven couldn't resist. This one was also off-Broadway and was in a super small theater! It was pretty funny too. I would say if anyone hasn't seen this show already, you have to see it sometime in your life. Just be prepared for a little bit of weird religious songs... but it was great!
7. The 39 Steps. Again, an off-Broadway show but this was one of the most interesting shows Steve and I have ever seen. It was a cast of 4 and they played so many different caricatures! This was an Alfred Hitchcock play so it was kinda a murder mystery, nothing scary but it was so funny! Pretty much every show you are going to see in Broadway besides phantom is going to be a bit funny. :) But the 39 Steps was so different and fun!
8. Mary Poppins. Now I wasn't too thrilled about this show because I almost hate the movie (Now I really shouldn't say hate because how can you hate anything Julie Andrews does?) But I have a hard time getting through it. The play was very different though! It was exciting and very entertaining. Mary actually flew out over the audience after her performance! Super cute for the kids.

So thats where we stand right now. We have tickets to Promises, Promises tonight and I promise I'll stay more on top of our shows! Almost halfway done though! We are having so much fun watching all our shows! For all you wives out there who's husbands hate the theater I just have to say I'm sorry, because we think it's one of the greatest parts of New York!

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