Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coney Island Mishap.

So as I posted before, we headed out to Coney Island this last Saturday to go check out the cute little pier and see the carnival style rides and games and of course, those hot dogs! We were so excited to go and took that long subway ride down through Brooklyn to the last stop. We stepped out and immediately said "Oh my, there are millions of people here!" We thought ok this was such a bad idea, the famous pier on a beautiful SATURDAY of course was going to be packed! Until we got a closer look.....

We then came across the Mermaid Parade. More like the ruin your Saturday on the hottest weekend of the year, freaks dancing around in hardly anything, cops blocking off the carnival style games and rides parade. What a miserable experience! We tried to get into the park from the front, the side and even the back! We walked around for a few hours looking like herding cows just trying to get into this stupid park! Ugh. it was bad.

this pretty much sums up how we felt that day.

So, needless to say we pretty much wasted our Saturday trying to get around this awful parade. At least we got some good little icey treats out of it! ha Who knows if we will dare go back to Coney Island again, but we do know we'll check for the Mermaid parade!

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