Monday, July 5, 2010

Anyone sick of shows yet? :)

Ha so of course... I have a show update...

We didn't think we were going to see any shows this week and we ended up seeing three! But I also forgot to update from the week before... So there are quite a few! ha I believe we are on show number 9.

9. Promises, Promises. Now for those of you who know Sean Hayes (the gay boy in Will & Grace) He is pretty much the most hilarious man ever. He was the leading star and we loved him! We actually went to see the show because of Kristin Chenoweth, who of course was the most famous Galinda we know... But she wasn't that great. She was good, and it was cool to hear her sing, but not that star we were looking for. Still, a very funny show!

10. Tony 'n Tina's wedding. OK so this wasn't on the countdown but Steve thought it looked funny so we went and saw it. He was right! It starts off like your actually going to this crazy Italian couples wedding. You have the ceremony, reception, food, champaign toasts (Which by the way we were the only ones not drinking. ha) All that good stuff! The cast was hilarious because they all acted like real family and a real crazy one at that! The food was good, the people were great, but it wasn't the best show we have seen. haha

11. Lend me a Tenor. Now this was our first PLAY we have seen. I know what your thinking.... "Kylie you two have seen more plays this month than I have ever seen in my life!" ha no. All of those have been MUSICALS. This show was strictly acting and maybe only two songs. Super hilarious though! The sidekick from National Treasure, Justin Bartha was in it (he steals the show, Soooo funny!) and a couple of other famous actors like Tony Shalhoub and Anthony LaPaglia. It was super cool to see famous people from TV that close to your face!

Just warming up our rock voices before the show

12. Rock of Ages. OK go download this music right now. Its that good! You all know it and will all be rocking out to it by the end of my post! haha this of course was a show set in the 80's with all its guts and glory. It is a little sketchy at times, so no kids allowed but it is a must see! I promise you you'll be singing those songs for days!

Looking a little chubby in front of the theater?? :S

13. Jersey Boys. "Oh what a night!" (picture me singing that song) Such a great show! Oh I can't get over it. Literally. I actually told Steven this may be my new favorite. I think it's because I'm way into the old time stuff (hence the reason why I loved Chicago so much) it was set back in the 60's with the band called the Four Seasons. All of that great 60's music you love, that isn't played by Elvis was played by these guys! We had front row, but there was a staircase in our way... haha it was so amazing though! Go check out this music too after you listen to Rock of Ages ;)

So thats it so far! Ha I can't even keep up. As soon as I post this Steven will say "Oh lets see another show tonight!" haha but we love it. We are pretty sure we are more than halfway over too! Woooooo! We can see our goal from here! (remember it was 20 shows) You'll be seeing more on our latest!

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  1. Awesome Ky! I feel like Im living your trip right along with you! I love that you are make me feel like Im right there with you! Anyways you forgot to mention that your Rock of Ages show was free! Thats the best part! go girl! I love it all!