Friday, March 15, 2013

Jack is 9 months

Another month down already? Gosh it seems just like minutes ago I was posting about Jack turning 8 months  ;) haha I'm sorry I like to post in 3 month intervals I guess...

There has never been a month so full of changes quite like this one!!

One word to describe Jack these days: BUSY!

This kid keeps getting funnier and funnier. I say it comes from his daddy! He has such a little personality! He is constantly singing, talking or screaming his little heart out! He is now crawling away and started with a "worm" crawl where his legs went first followed by his belly then hands. It was quite hilarious to watch! He LOVES the bath and whenever we walk around with him he walks strait to the bathroom to take a bath. he is now sitting up like a big boy in the tub! He loves the beach and we have visited a few times. We also gave him his first real HAIR CUT. I was kinda sad... but he was looking like a girl with a serious mop on his head! haha so now the mohawk is back :)

Valentine's day was this month! We had a fun time celebrating it with Jack. I got a bit carried away with the  Valentine's things, but I can't help it! Its my favorite holiday! 

This was the best picture I could get of him. (see what I mean when I say girly mop top? haha)

We got FLOOR seats to the Harlem Globetrotters thanks to our friend Michelle we lived with in New Jersey! She works for them in their sponsorship department. We had such a fun time! Baby sure loved all the action. And he just had to wear his basketball shirt :)

My two guys :)

We went to Disneyland for a third time this season with Steve's dad and his fiance. They were so glad to get away from the snow and we were glad we got to see them!

Jack loving the parade :)

Lets talk for a minute about the great Winston/Jack duo. Almost every picture I take of Jack involves Winston either laying right next to him or photo bombing with him walking in between me and the babe. They are becoming soul mates very quickly! Jack will hit Winston's face and pull his mustache hair, and Winston will jump on him and sometimes bit (softly I might add) Jack's limbs. They are totally brothers! Winston has done some pretty mean things to Jack (and rightfully so, Jack is sooo mean to him!) and Jack just takes it like a man. One time Winston whipped his stuffed animal out of Jack's hands and caused the toy to fly into Jack's eye. He just looked at me like why do you look so concerned mom? Man this kid is tough! I am used to my sisters as babies who cried over everything! Having a boy is sure different...

This is Jack's go to pose while trying to figure out how to crawl around. We call it the downward Jack. :)

Can you say trouble? We are in so much trouble with these two! This is Heidicita. She is part of the Franco family who moved down here with us while Walter (her daddy) is going to school with Steve. They are the only two from Utah, the only two married, the only two Mormons, and the only two with kids! Needless to say we hang out with them quite a bit. "Baby Heidi" is what we call her because her mom's name is Heidi. She is 16 months and such a little cutie! They absolutely love to kiss! haha she goes in for the kiss first and he opens his mouth willingly! haha but after a while, she keeps trying to kiss him and he starts pushing him away. typical boy and girl relationship! 

Can I just say we literally live in heaven? This picture is of the most gorgeous palm trees I have found down here. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place! 

This was of us on Jack's official 9 month day. We spent the afternoon at the pool (in our complex) with Rachel and Braden (our good friends we met here who live in our complex and are also LDS!) The water is still too cold to get in, but we loved soaking up the rays!

This was a little photo shoot later that night. I finally figured out how to use our camera and I think my picture taking has greatly improved! He is such a little explorer :) That top right picture makes me laugh! That was him eating the grass... haha He is just so stinkin cute! We sure do love him very much!

And then my heart melted all over the floor :)

Jack is 8 Months

Wow the time is flying by! Have we already spend a full month here in San Diego?

This Month:

Jack is growing up so fast! He now does so many funny things like clapping, motor boating with his mouth, making that Indian holler sound with his hand and mouth (with his tongue out I might add). He loves walking! He thinks he can walk all by himself... but he does about 10% of the work himself. haha silly baby! I guess he just thinks he's bigger than he really is! He is trying to figure out crawling, but still hasn't moved anywhere yet. 

He eats everything we feed him which is AWESOME! He has started to eat "puffs" and that's really his first solid food. Is it just my baby or do all babies love to put EVERYTHING in their mouth? My goodness I could have taken 2,000 pictures of things he has to put in his mouth! haha He is now starting to look like a little man! His hair is growing so fast and no longer can be spiked up :( its too heavy! He also has to grab everything! (hence the grabbing picture) There is nothing I can eat, play with, or look at without him grabbing it right out of my hands! I guess that's what babies do! (also isn't that eating pic hilarious? He was biting down on the spoon and woudn't let go! haha) 

Among everything else, we got a season pass to Sea World! Jack loved the Shamu show :)

This month we celebrated my birthday! It wasn't the same without family here but we still had fun! This was the only pic I took of my actual birthday... haha

We celebrated the big 23 with a trip to Disneyland! It was raining but that didn't stop us! We basically walked on to every ride. Steve surprised me and made reservations for the Blue Bayou restaurant and it was so fun! The pictures are a little fuzzy because it was dark. They gave me some mousse for dessert and Steve and Jack ended up eating more than me! (I just have to look away when Steve feeds Jack all of these sweets. He tells me every baby eats ice cream and treats like this! Please tell me he is right...)

On a ride in Bugs Land! Isn't he looking so old these days?

The cutest family shot of us on that trip! I love how Jack just looks like "Ok I'm sick of pictures, when is this ride starting?" haha He LOVED the rides by the way. He would scream and grunt when we got off of them! (he never usually gets upset, so to tell us he is not happy he grunts. haha its pretty funny!)

Another thing we weren't expecting is how much Jack loved the characters! He would light up and start high pitch squealing when he saw them! He loved touching them and also eating their noses! haha isn't this one precious with his hand on Pluto?

That pretty much sums up this month. We are enjoying the outdoors here in southern Cali and can't wait for it to get a little warmer outside! Steve started school and jumped in head first! He has become super busy and its definitely an adjustment getting used to him doing so much homework! We still have lots of fun though! :) We have met a cute family that live in our apartment complex and are LDS like us. The crazy part, He loves sports as much as Steve and they have a little boy just two months younger than Jack! Rachel is the girl's name and she stays home just like me! We have had a blast hanging out with them and are glad to have found someone to play with!

I thought I'd add a little "behind the scenes" collage of what it takes to actually get one of these pictures taken. haha I guess you could say the sun was too bright in his eyes? He melts my heart :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jack is 7 months

Ugh I have been dreading this post... I'm going to keep everything super simple because I have so much catching up to do!

This month:
Baby's first Christmas! He has become such a little explorer and loooved the Christmas tree! And look at our big boy sitting up all by himself :) He was tearing apart all of our presents that weren't his, but it was just too cute to tell him no! 

Christmas morning. The picture of Winston and Jack cracks me up! They sure have their game faces on! We only ended up buying Jack one present because we KNEW he would get millions of presents from all of our family. Besides, he had no idea! haha

We went to my Mother's house first and there was soo many presents! The best ones were the surprise trip to visit us in January and also to go to Disneyland in April!! There were definitely tears shed over these two exciting trips :)

(Isn't he so cute in his Christmas outfit? and his sweet little Mohawk :)

The pictures started to get skimpier as our day went on. We went to Mimi's house (Steve's grandma) next. Jack looked so cute with his sweet cousin Lexi. There was once again loads of presents to open, our families sure love us!

Jack's new favorite thing is to eat everything! So of course the wrapping paper was his favorite part of the day. haha he loved helping open up presents! We wen't to my Grandpa and Grandma Taylor's house to end the night and I only ended up getting a picture of him with my Dad and his new wife Connie!

And that was our Christmas! We had such a fun time! That was the last time seeing the majority of our family before we moved, so it was also just a little bit of a sad day... But overall we had a good time! 

Then this happened.

 It was a whirlwind of a week starting with Christmas eve, and ending in San Diego! I still cant believe we did it all in one week. But here we are! and we couldn't be any happier! 

And this is what I came home to from the airport. 

I had never even seen the apartment and this was my first look! Yikes!

(yes that is our couch in the middle of the room. It now sits under that heater on the wall. haha)

We decided to spend New Year's Eve at the San Diego Zoo! Not bad weather for someone who just came from the snow and ice...

We also visited the beach and it was Winston's first time there. This picture doesn't do it justice, there were actually a million dogs there and he is chasing after one of them in this pic. This was a dog beach on Coronado island. We had a great time and he was in doggie Disneyland!

Speaking of Disneyland...

We got season passes! we went before Steve started school and it was actually sad to just leave it after one day. I guess we have to get used to that now that we are locals!

I couldn't help but share these pictures of a random night we had. I love Jack's cute hair! He is seriously getting so big. Turning 7 months means big things for this little guy! Like eating more solid food (and loving everything he eats I might add!) He now sits up and plays all by himself. He is talking up a storm! He still doesn't make any clear words except for dada. No mama yet :( But we will work on that one!

Lastly is a random things collage. He LOVES making that ooo face in the top left. He does it all the time! Which is funny because I have a whole bunch of pictures from when I was a baby making that same face, so you know where he gets it! Steve thought it would be funny to put the dog in Jack's bed... I didn't think it was that funny... The next pics is one of the last times Jack and cousin Lexi got to play before we moved! And as we were packing up we found a Halloween costume we bought for him before he was born and he actually never wore it, so we had to try it on! Its funny to see him wearing sweaters here because then we quickly change to warmer weather clothing when we move! The last pic was of him taking up the seat next to me on the plane to move down here. It was our last glimpse of Utah!

We are so sad to have left Utah, but we know we'll be back soon enough! And hey, we live in San Diego for crying out loud. We might love it here way too much to come back! haha so come down and visit us! We would love to be your tour guides :)