Monday, January 31, 2011



It's Unhealthy...

But I can't control myself!!!!

Why are Crafty blogs so
and Crafty?!

Haha I can't stop... and quite frankly I don't even care! If you want to waste away your work days looking at some seriously inspiring stuff, just check out my great sites to check out little section on the side of our blog. I update it daily :)

I just love how crafty these ladies are! Most every one is from Utah and every picture you see there has been 100% handmade fantastic stuff!

So go ahead! Get obsessed!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well this past week Steven went through knee surgery.

The Story:
Steven was playing basketball with his friends back in April 2010, when he had a little mishap and hyper extended his knee! He was on the ground writhing in pain and just knew he messed it up! We went to the doctor the next day, and he said that there might be something wrong but we should just wait it out to make sure it will heal on its own. Well.... It didn't. So we left for New York, with no insurance and just had to have poor Steven walk all over the city and just deal with the pain.
As soon as we were able to get insurance again he went strait to the Doctor to get it checked out! It just so happened we finally got insurance about 9 months later. So he went in and got an MRI on Monday, was read the results on Tuesday, and got his surgery on Wednesday! (that was his choice to schedule it for the very next day.)
The doctor said he had a torn Meniscus and usually they just snip the tear and he is back to walking almost the next day. But for Steven... He walked all over New York for the summer, all over campus in the Fall and now had a HUGE tear in his meniscus that couldn't be fixed just by a snip. They had to go in and stitch it all up and everything. Because it was so much more invasive, he has to be on crutches for about a month and the pain is so much worse!
I feel so bad for him because pretty much everyday since his surgery he has been looking like this...

He was of course sleeping while I took these pictures so the one of his knee is really bad. But I had to document this! He has three incisions, I could only reach two. We haven't actually seen what they look like because we haven't taken that tape off yet. He did have it all really bundled up about two days ago.... but of course.... I was a bad wife and didn't get a shot of that.
(At least I have these pictures right?)

These little babies are going to be a new addition to our family for at least a month or two now. Steven is doing great getting around on these guys, which is good because they are going to stick with him for a while!
Well we have a few rough months ahead of us. No Jazz games for at least a month and no sports for about 4-6 months! We are so thankful he got it fixed though and can now get back to being the normal 24 year old with two perfect knees!
So get better my sweet Steven! I hate to see you suffering and all loopy on medicine!

P.S. Did you see his facial hair? He hasn't shaved in like a month haha but I think it's cute! :)