Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jack is 12 Months

Well it's official...
We have a toddler on our hands.

I am not happy about my baby growing up this fast at all! But of course everyone always says that time really does fly. We have had the best first year as parents! Jack has taught us so much and we are so thankful to be his parents. I absolutely love being a mom and am so happy I get to stay home with this little bean and play all day!

I already did an entire birthday post, so this will be more about what else we did that month.
(Are you ready to spend 3 hours reading this post?....Sorry....)

This month brought us back to the homeland! haha We got to go back to Utah for 2 1/2 weeks and we loved every minute of it! We started off the trip with Steve because his dad got married and he wasn't about to miss it! 

Once our bags were packed we were on our way!

The wedding was a beautiful outdoor wedding at the Grand America. They had a great party and even better food! We had fun meeting all of Melissa's family! Pictured here is Jack with all of his cute cousins! (Or I should say ONLY cousins!)

We stayed at the Little America right across the street for that weekend and we made the most of our time with Steve before he went back to San Diego! We opened a few birthday presents, went to Jersey Boys for our FOURTH anniversary! (Wow really!?) And even had some friends come over to our hotel for a few hours. Jack had so much fun with Mary and loved showing her the Trax that would come by! haha His little strike a pose thing kills me...

Once daddy left we headed up to my mom's  house for the remainder of our two weeks and we did nothing but party the whole time! We visited Grandparents and some of my friends as well as party at my mom's house! Here you see Jack tearing apart grandma's house, at my little sisters' pool birthday party with some cute girlfriends, at my dad's house to see the chickens and to even pet one! (sick) and of course eating waay more sugar than he should be eating. (The ice cream was his official birthday so I justified that one. haha)

June is a crazy month in my family. We have my sister Brooklyn's birthday on the 8th. Our anniversary and my step dad's birthday on the 11th. Jack's birthday the 12th. And my sister Halle's birthday on the 23rd. So to celebrate both of my sisters birthday I took them out for actually all our first pedicure! (I know right... what planet do I live on!? Poor planet... haha)

From there on out I really didn't take that many pictures. (I know right? That doesn't sound a thing like me!) But I did manage to snap a few of us at Lagoon. My entire extended family (all 50 something of us) go to Lagoon for one day in the summer where we can all party and have a great time! I loved feeling like a kid again and that was the last day I got to see my cute cousin Dillon before his mission! (he officially leaves TOMORROW!!) Also I got one last picture of Jack with all my family on the day we left. I was glad I got them because I think they are all so cute!

Finally it was time to say our goodbyes. By this point we had been away from Steve for a full two weeks and were anxious to hear all about his Dominican trip! It was just me and this little peanut on the flight home and he actually wasn't all that bad. Thankfully we had a nice gentleman sitting next to us because he poked him like a million times with his pretzels trying to give him some! haha

Once we reunited with daddy we decided to once again celebrate Jack's birthday by going to Disneyland. We decided to take advantage of our dog free home while we could! (He was with Steve's mom during the trip.)

On the way up we noticed Jack was really quiet and I looked back to find him completely EATING his book!! He is a nut I tell ya.... He eats every book he ever comes in contact with. Usually I stop him before this madness happens though! We had fun doing all of the "off" things and Disneyland because it was way too crowded to do any of the cool things. We loved it nonetheless! 

We once again hit the road and went BACK to Utah! This time to pick up our pooch. We spent the 4th in St. George aka Death on a Stick Valley. It was so stinkin hot we basically just stayed indoors. The hottest temp while we were there was 117. Yeah you read it right... nuts. But we kept cool with homemade pops and splash pads! The dogs enjoyed their frosty paws and we enjoyed the free babysitting! We saw Thoroughly Modern Millie (which I adored) and also went out on a couple of movie dates. Like a true American, Jack rode around on his motorcycle while still trying to learn how to walk. 

We rounded out this month with our last trip to the beach we will ever take as long as we have kids. haha Jack would. not. stop. eating. the. sand. 
I couldn't do anything to stop him!! So like I say after every beach trip, this one will be our last one for a while. haha 

 But come on? Isn't this the most adorable sandy face you have every seen? 

Love my baby boy.

And yes he is still a baby in my eyes.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Jack's First Birthday

Jack is now 1! We celebrated way more than any baby ever should. But we had a blast doing it! I'll keep the wordage short, because the pictures do the talking!

My heart melts :) 

Oh he is just too stinkin cute!

We did a little celebrating before the big day with Daddy before we went to Utah and he went off to the Dominican Republic. (more on that later)

I love that he is feeding Steve some of his cake fingers!
And don't worry, he didn't eat that whole cake by himself! He mostly ate just what you see. 

I die!

His actual party was so much fun! We did a nautical theme and I had a blast planning it! I had a collage of his month by month pictures as well as some from his little one year photo shoot. We had great food and fun treats like "Oyster pearls" "Catch of the day" and "Saltwater Taffy" haha

This kid was a pro at eating all things sugar by this point so he enjoyed his very small cupcake/smash cake. He got so many fun presents and I loved watching him open them and get all excited!

So many wonderful people came to his party! He is sure one loved little boy! :) 
Here with Great Grandma Taylor, Grandparents: Shelly, Jared, and Connie. Aunties Brooklyn and Halle. Lauryn and my cousin Kaylee with her sweet twin girls who are just a month younger than Jack!

We had such a fun time celebrating! We were just sad Daddy wasn't there for some of it. Good thing he won't remember any of it anyway. :)