Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall is in the Air

There is nothing better than Fall....

...Bright colors
...Warm smells
...crisp leaves
...Amazing treats
And one of my favorites,
...The decorations!!

I can't even begin to explain how much I love Halloween Decorations.
I could honestly say I love decorating for Halloween more than I love decorating our Christmas tree! And of course I am blessed with the smallest apartment known to man, so I have very little decoration room.
I had to share all of the wonderful little things about Halloween that get me so excited to see fall come around every year!

So I love anything Halloween when its accompanying dessert :) I had to get those candy corn kisses! and they are actually fantastic! (actually just white chocolate)

I am obsessed with my Mom's jewelry and she always makes the cutest seasonal bangles! My most favorite bangle of all is her Halloween one!

She sells her jewelry to Randee & Co. and it is literally the cutest decoration shop EVER! You have to go visit if you haven't been. (thats where the Frankenstien came from)

We made that cute little wreath out of sparkly tulle and I had the greatest idea to make cute little pins out if it! And that is how those pins came to be.

I'm super excited that we made these and I can't wait to wear mine to pieces!