Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sealed with a Kiss

Well... like every good story, ours is ending here... We spent this amazing summer in New York and it's finally over. We had such a great last week though. I'll recap some fun things we did and finally end this summer of crazy blogging! :) I have loved every minute of it.

So I quit my job about 4 days before we left and that gave us time to play! We started off our adventures with a trip to Hurricane Harbor. It's a waterpark in New Jersey that is connected with Six Flags. Now I don't know if any of you have ever seen the show America's Scariest Waterslides? But at least two of them are here at Hurricane Harbor! It was so much fun spending a day in the sun at an ACTUAL waterpark! Sorry Lagoona Beach... You don't compare to those other guys out there! It was sure funny though because we were in the midst of all these kids! ha We were the only 20 something year olds without children there... OH Well! The best slide was called the Tornado. Just picture a toilet bowl (sorry thats the only thing I can think of) And picture a 4 man tube flying donw 7 stories into this giant toilet bowl almost swirling around until you get shot out of the bottom! Sounds fun right? :)
Sorry this is the only pic I have of Hurricane Harbor... Lame I know. But its the crazy slide!

We also went to Madame Tussauds was museum. One of the greatest museums in New York ;) Ok I have a confession... That was the ONLY museum we visited.... Woops...
But really! It was so much fun! For those of you who don't know what Madame Tussauds is, it is a full on wax museum of nothing but celebrities. And they look so real! Steve loved taking pictures of the figures faces (like right up in their face) and the picture almost freaks you out because they look so real! We got some excellent pictures.

That pic of me and that old woman, well thats Madme Tussaud herself! In all her 4 foot glory.

Our one last hooray happened when we actually were put on TV! :) (Secretly that was my goal in coming to New York. Well ok... it was actually to see a celebrity, but since Madame Tussauds was the closest thing I could get to a celeb, I decided to change my outlook on this whole goal thing...)
So Steven had one last event with the Times Square Alliance which was called Kiss-in. To give a little background story, After the WWII America got the word that the war had just ended and people decided to gather in the middle of Times Square and just celebrate the great event. One very iconic moment of this celebration was when a random sailor made a very cute kiss on a young nurse. Somehow the media obtained this photo and it is now one of the my symbolic moments in time.
Now in 2010, 65 years after this moment took place, the members of the Times Square Alliance decided to reenact this amazing event by putting up a 25 foot statue of this couples kiss and have a group of people all dressed up to celebrate and reenact the kiss. The first 250 couples received a sailors hat and a rose. Maybelline New York was there putting lipstick on women getting ready to pucker up!

Steven and I were just laying low and helping out with the event, and as soon as the kiss was ready to start a friend suggested we sneak in and they would take a couple of pictures to remember Steve's last event. We jumped in, Kissed, and later found out we were front and center on like 3 TV news casts that weekend! We couldn't believe it! We even had professional photographers send the TSA (Times Square Alliance) Their favorite pictures of the event, and which ones would look best on their web page to display the event, and ours was one they chose!

We were famous.
The ACTUAL picture the media had of us.

Some good TSA buddies. The one in the center with green glasses is Rueban. That was the man Steve worked for most of the time. The girl is Bridgette, the other intern. The girl in the top looking so happy to get her picture taken is Michelle. Love you Michelle :)

The rest of the weekend we were so happy that was how New York would remember us by. We actually spent the weekend with a good friend we were able to get close to over the summer. Her name is Michelle and she was so sweet to let us stay at her place before our plane took off. Those last few days were pretty much just spent resting up and catching up on our last minute things.

We were very sad to leave our life of fortune and fame... (well at least a minute on TV) But we knew life was waiting for us back home. So we packed up (our two 75 lb bags.. thats rigt. and we didn't even have to pay extra for them!) and headed home. Now of course this was one of our most memorable experiences in probably our entire life until now. But we vowed we would one day return and call NYC our home again. :)

We love you New York!!