Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Delivery Anyone?

I know delivery isn't a new word to any of you. Its just that as soon as you reach New York, delivery has an entire different meaning.

Of course pizza probably isn't on the top of the list here. No here you can have anything delivered from dinner, to late night cravings for homemade cookies, to even something like dog food or pet supplies! Yes thats right. they deliver.

So lets just say we like to take advantage of those boys on bikes.

We had the greatest dinner the other night from a place called the Mac Bar. Now it wasn't a bar at all. In fact it was a place that only sold Macaroni and Cheese! Of course it was better than just plain old mac and cheese... and look at how it came!

Secondly we fell in love with this dessert place that actually can have their dessert shipped to all over the country! And you better believe that long after New York is through Steven and I will still order this stiff! (thats how great it is)

Whats it called? Rice to Riches.
What the heck is that?

It's actually rice pudding. Now before you all start to cringe a little let me just tell you this is no ordinary rice pudding. This is 20 flavors of the most amazing pudding you have ever eaten in your life! (my personal favorite happens to be the French Toast kind. Steven's is Tiramisu)

A shared bowl with my dark chocolate side and Steven's tiramisu side
Steven going "Wife, stop taking pictures of me eating."
And 14 seconds after we started eating it.... :)

Best part is... They deliver! This is also the first place we are taking my Mom when she gets into the city because it's that amazing!


  1. This doesnt look so good...I hope you prove me wrong! ha ha!

  2. I am so jealous of your adventures! I want to come visit you guys and sleep on your floor :)

  3. I love the idea of home delivered food... the mac looks good but the rice pudding??? DISGUSTING!

  4. That looks so yummy! I love mac and cheese :)

  5. That Mac & cheeze looks so good! Do you think they will deliver to me ? :) Love you guys!

  6. Kylie, & Steve, I love reading all about your life in New York! I am so happy for you, what a fun time you are having. You are enjoying every minute. Good for you. I did not realize that there was so much to do in NY. Your Mom is so excited to come. Thanks for all the pictures and the details of what you are doing. You two are darling! all my lOVE, Grandma & Grandpa xo
    PS Kylie I would love to just walk into your store, it looks beautiful. You two are living a dream.