Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brooklyn trip

From the beginning of us moving to New York, everyone has asked if we had walked the Brooklyn bridge. Well we figured it was a must-see since it sounded like such a main attraction. So this Saturday we got up enough courage to walk the bridge! We were super excited because it's only two subway stations down, a quick walk across the bridge and there you are at Grimaldi's Pizzeria (which is world famous by the way). We thought how fun!

What we didn't expect was this New York heat....

So there we were walking across this crazy bridge just dying! ha It actually wasn't too bad but we just couldn't believe how hot it was. As soon as we got off the bridge we thought ok where is our famous pizza place, we are starving! So we walked down the street a ways until we saw this huge group of people and we thought well this must be it. Little did we know that "this must be it" was a two and a half hour stand in the blistering heat and face melting humidity OUTSIDE just to wait to get a table! We couldn't believe it.
We found a little park right down the street so we took the pizza to go and just decided to sit under a tree. We still waited forever but it was ok because I completely forgot how amazing laying on the grass was! We haven't even seen grass in a good 9 months because when we left there was still snow! So we had a nice time.

Then, there is this famous Brooklyn Ice Cream factory that everyone has to try. So after eating literally the greatest pizza ever we went down to this little factory to get some ice cream! and what do we find? Another stupid line... outside.... We were starting to feel the sun beat down pretty hard on our faces now. But we didn't care because Ice Cream was on its way!

After literally spending the entire afternoon outside we decided it was time to head home. Luckily the subway could take us back to Manhattan! We were happy we walked the bridge and decided this has to be on the list for my Mom when she comes! Grimaldi's has the travel channel over there all the time because its like a world destination! Ok maybe not that big. But they sure satisfied us!

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