Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saturday Boating

So as you may know, we like to spend our Saturdays doing something we feel is productive and touristy. Just so we don't waste any precious time here and get cool stories out of it! Well last weekend that didn't really happen. We were so dead from the week before that we slept in until about 10. So right there that tells you it was a bad start. haha but we couldn't help it! So we decided to try for some Wicked lottery tickets for the 2pm show. As we were waiting in line Steven said we had absolutely nothing else planned for the day and if we didn't get these tickets we would just be out of luck. So of course what happens?

So now what?
Well it was off to Central Park to see if we could kill some time. After realizing it was way too hot to do a dang thing there, we went by the lake and saw row boats! We hopped in line and there we were. The lake was a lot cooler and we actually had a pretty good time!

It was only $12 to rent the boat and it was so much fun! We both took turns rowing (and as you can see i struggled with my part) and we got to see the most famous Central Park bridge (it's in the bottom corner pic. Kinda hard to tell but thats it! ha) We had a great time and it was fun just to chill out for the day!

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  1. This look soo fun! I love that you and Steve match soo cute!