Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Looking forward to Time and all Eternity.

He asked and I said Yes!
As you probably all know by now Steven asked me to marry him this last weekend! We are so excited to start our new life together! All the stress and excitement has already begun with planning a wedding! He is so great though because he lets me pick out almost anything I want! We found a cute little reception place in Bountiful called Canterbury Place and I can't even wait to get started. We were looking through some past wedding pictures and everything I said I wanted he agreed with! He just didn't like the girly invitations :) thats ok though! I'm so lucky to have him. We talk about the day when we can finally be married and I get overwhelmed with the love I feel for him. He is just so good to me! I'll make sure to include all the juicy details about how the planning goes! We already have a planner helping us and she is so cute! It's going to be so much fun! And sorry mom... you will probably be the one stressed out with it all!

I love Steven more and more each day!


  1. Yay! You are such a cute girl Kylie, and I am sooo excited and lucky to be getting you as my sister in law! Steven has been smitten with you for quite some time now and it's obvious how happy you make him! You make a darling couple, that is for sure! :)
    CONGRATULATIONS! We can't wait for you to join the fam. Planning a wedding is fun but stressful. Let me know if I can help you out with ANYTHING!
    Love ya
    p.s. Your new background is really cute! :)

  2. Kylie.
    I am really happy for you! You are so cute!!
    You need to tell your mom to invite me to her blog though so I can go see all the pictures and stuff! :)
    Anyway... keep me posted on the wedding plans! Next time you come home we have lots to talk about! ha ha I love you girl~

  3. Congrats, Kylie!! So far, you have lived life to the fullest...and now it will only be more rich and abundant because you have found true love. You truly have an amazing mom...I adore her and know you guys will have so much fun, laughter (and tears) these next few months.