Monday, February 2, 2009

A wonderful night!

Our next big adventure took place at the beautiful draper temple this weekend. We went with my family but I mostly stayed with Steven the entire time. It was so amazing to be able to visit and see all of the beautiful things that go on in the temple! Each room was breathtaking. Steven informed me all i needed to know about each room we visited. I loved having my own personal tour guide! I felt so excited that one day that will be me going through it and ill be able to know as much as he does! I always love spending time with Steven. he truely is the one i love! its always extra special when I get to spend time with him because we live so far apart. Sometimes I wish I could spend all my time at home just so I could be with him everyday! but its ok, the summer will soon be here and we will be able to spend a lot more time together!
back to the temple. It was so amazing to feel the spirit in there even before it had beed dedicated! My favorite part about the temple was the dainty little brides room! it had precious little chandeliers and it looked like a princess room! after we had our tour we were taken to a stake center or church where we got to see pictures of temples all around the world and it was amazing to see how many there are! and how blessed we are to have 12 in utah alone!
all in all the night was a great one! I loved knowing I have someone who is worthy to be a temple recomend holder and who loves to do things like that with me! he is most definitely a keeper!

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