Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jack is 1 month

I'm back to blogging! haha it's about time...
I'm starting from the beginning but I'm planning to be all caught up today! So here is what you all have missed...

So this first month isn't that great and a little different than the rest of the months. I blame myself and the fact that I was so out of sorts for so many weeks that I don't quite know what I was doing as far as monthly picture taking goes. But lets learn all about baby J in his first month!

Measurements: 9.5 lbs. 21 in.

This month...
- He started to focus on faces and would just stare into our eyes
- He already started lifting his head off our shoulder! We couldn't believe it, so we made him stop. haha
- He has become obsessed with eating and also his binki. He always has to have something in his mouth!
- He only wakes up twice a night which I think is awesome! We still don't have a routine but we are working on it!
- He got to experience his first holiday and one of my favorites!

 Him in his (too big) 4th of July outfit! We took the dog to the Park City parade with us and had a blast with the Ouzounians!
couldn't resist a little patriotic photo shoot :)

-He had to endure the endless picture taking from his mama :) 

Here we see the first family outing to Auntie Halle's baptism, the dog loving to cuddle up right next to baby, and him starting to smile in his sleep! Also the car seat pic was on a walk the day he turned 1 month. 

-He had so many wonderful people come to visit him!

Aunt Brooklyn, Great grandma Mimi, Daddy, Great Aunt Jamie, Grandma Shelly, Aunt Halle and Grandma and mama.

He of course changed so much in those first few weeks, but luckily I captured all of those perfect little features of his! 

My favorite is his perfect little belly button once his umbilical cord fell off. 

Well there you have it! a whole month of visitors and us never leaving the house. But it was great! We got to enjoy becoming new parents and that whole process of learning how to take care of a newborn! 

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