Friday, July 20, 2012

Unexpected Surgergy

I'm sure the word has gotten out that I had an unexpected surgery happen this week and I just wanted to tell the story for all to know what really happened.

I'll keep it kinda vague and a bit PG because it was a pretty personal experience, but I am happy to share the story so we can remember exactly what happened as well.

Over the weekend I wasn't feeling my normal self and had pretty bad bleeding. I called in to the doctor on Monday and they wanted to see me immediately. I rushed up to the clinic to find out that my normal doctor was gone for the entire week on vaca, so I had to see his nurse practitioner. She was stumped as to why I was bleeding and even had another OB/GYN come in to take a look. Because I lost so much blood I almost passed out, they decided to send me to the ER. 

The ER was the most ridiculous part of the stay because I spent about 8 hours there and saw 4 separate doctors. They came to the conclusion that there was something on my cervix and it needed to come out. Nobody was able to actually identify what it was though. One of the OB/GYNs actually asked me to take a picture for her collegue because she was so stumped as to what it was. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! They kept thinking they might have to surgically remove it so I couldn't eat anything. I ate lunch at 1 and didn't eat again until midnight! They decided yes it needed to be surgically removed and luckily they got me a room in the labor recovery part so I got to be where all the new moms and babies were! We were not prepared to spend the night though. We had 3 diapers for Jack and no pajamas! We had no toothbrushes or a change of clothes! It was bad...

The next morning I was woken up by two new doctors who wanted to take another look at the mysterious thing inside of me. I was checked for a 5th time (which by the way was the most painful experience ever!) and they said they would put me under and surgically remove it and hopefully it would be done that day. So once again I wasn't allowed to eat until after the procedure. They finally got me ready go to and started the surgery around 4 pm. The doctor actually performing the surgery was doctor number 9 to look at it. Yep you got it, 9 doctors!!! If my original doctor would have been here then it probably would have been like two!

The surgery went well and I was back in the recovery room in no time. After I recovered from the anesthesia and was able to speak in coherent sentences, the doctor who performed the surgery came to speak with us and said they removed a piece of placenta that was stuck to my cervix and it was a size of a lime. Also my cervix was completely dilated to a 10! (Now if you remember my cervix never actually dilated on it's own, even after going a week over my due date) So that was obviously where all of my pain was coming from! They said this was  such an unusual case and most retained placenta's are found within days after delivery, not 5 weeks later! They said my body was trying everything it could to get rid of it but it was not coming out on its own.

Needless to say I feel soooo much better now that the surgery has happened! I am off the anesthesia and back to normal. There is no longer any pain and I am once again a normal person! I couldn't believe that this wasn't found sooner, but with this being my first baby I didn't know what was normal and ok. I am just so thankful for family and my sweet husband for helping take care of me and completely taking over the parenting for about 3 whole days! Everything is great now and I also have to thank our wonderful friends and family for their thoughts and prayers. We are truly blessed!


  1. Wow, Kylie that was so awful! We were so worried! I am so sorry you had to go through that. But sooo grateful that they figured it out(finally!) before it caused your body more harm. What a crazy thing! So glad you are feeling better. We love you guys. xoxo

  2. wow... just wow. I can't believe that! I've never heard of such a thing! and I can't believe that you were completely dilated! wow. I'm SOOO glad that everything went well and that you are feeling better! I can't wait to meet that little boy in person! He is so adorable!