Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jack is 2 months old

Measurements: 12 lbs. (yes he has already gained 4 pounds in 2 months...) 23 in.

This month...
Lots of fun times with Daddy, Grandpa Reed, and Mommy. Also the bottom corner was of him sleeping in the hospital bed with me when I had my unexpected surgery. Poor little guy only had one change of clothes! We were unprepared.. And he loves to wiggle his arms out of this swaddle wrap, but I refuse to put him to bed without it!

-He never stops eating! That's why he has gained so much weight!
-He he now will smile at you if he wants to, some days that means it's a lot and some days he just stares at you.
-He already looks like a little man. The newborn stage lasted for a day and now he his too big and grown up!
-The only way he will sleep is in the swing. We are definitely in trouble with this one! Luckily he sleeps well at night in his bassinet. Still waking up twice a night too!
-For a while he was still wearing newborn diapers and onesies because he was so skinny! He didn't start wearing 0-3 month clothes until about the middle of his second month!
-He is starting to get a little personality and I just die every time he shows it.

-He had his second holiday, the 24th of July. We got to go to the parade and a Bee's game that night!

In his cute little Bee's outfit my sweet Grandpa Fletcher gave to him. (pictured with my grandma on the right)

-He just loves hanging out with Daddy and already knows he'll be "the fun one" :)

-He got to go on his very first boat ride and camping trip all in the same weekend! We didn't sleep over so it kinda wasn't really camping... haha
He was talking up a storm on the boat ride. He just melts my heart! I love him so much!

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