Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jack is 5 months

Wow! This has by far been the most eventful month in the life of this little babe.

This month was crazy....
Jack decided to wake up about FOUR times a night, take only 30 minute naps and drive his mother crazy!! Sheesh I got no sleep between mid October to mid November. Yet somehow, I had sooo many pictures from this time! haha go me!

This Month: 

Random happenings

- He loves sitting in his little bumbo chair! 
- He also is loving the dog now. They are so cute with each other!
- He is great with his hands and grabs anything! (even his car seat handle at the store... haha) He held on to that handle the entire time we shopped!
- Also he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth! Ugh... I'm really in trouble with this one! We have to watch everything he touches now!
- The dog has gotten interested with the empty bassinet that sits by my side of the bed and one day I caught him in the act of lounging in it! haha I was laughing so hard at this.
- He now sleeps in his own crib for naps as well as at night! I thought this could help out with his crazy waking up every 2 hours through the night phase. So far... not working!
- We went to cute Tasha's wedding and had so much fun!
- Jack tried his first taste of cereal this month! He wasn't such a neat eater in the beginning. haha

- Halloween was the best part about this month! We had so much fun celebrating it with family parties and a fun night at the symphony where they played spooky music. We also went to Gardner Village with my mom as well as took some cute pictures on Halloween night with our friend James who lives upstairs. We all dressed up as a family of supers! Steve as Clark Kent, I as Wonder Woman, Baby as Batman and Winston as Super dog. We had such a fun holiday!

On November 2 my dad got married to his girlfriend of 2 years! We were so excited for them and they had the sweetest little wedding at the Lion House. We love Connie and are so glad to have her as a part of our family!

 Fall is our favorite time of year and we had so much fun getting in the fall season with walks in the park and amateur photo shots of the fam :)

Love those little shoes :)

Our little guy is surely getting big! I am so glad we have lots of pictures to look back on! He is getting to be so fun and has the sweetest little personality.

Wouldn't be a post about Jack if I didn't leave you with a little something to make you smile :)

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