Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Newborn Pictures

Wow baby Jack is already 3 weeks old today! Time goes by so fast. and being a new mom is crazy! I feel like I get two things done in an entire day... haha I hear it gets better though once they start sleeping through the night and I stop napping during the day. Parenthood is a blast though and we are having so much fun!

I took some of my own pictures on his one week mark as well as our friend Mike took some cute pics of the  family when he was about 17 days old. I wanted to share all of them so there is going to be a lot of pictures!

 I wanted to get up close on that precious face!
 His eyes are so beautiful. I'm sure the color will change, but for now I am enjoying the blue.

These were the pictures that Mike took.

He did such an amazing job! I am so glad we got to capture his newborness before it is gone forever! And I may be biased, but I think he is the cutest baby I have ever seen! :)

This pic was taken at the end of the shoot when Jack was STARVING haha I think it's hilarious a newborn can hold his head up like that!


  1. he IS pretty darn stinkin cute! :)

  2. Ohhh those are sooo cute! They turned out so good! I'm with you - his eyes are so pretty! And they look like the kind of baby blue that will stay light! He is precious - I can't wait to hold him again!