Monday, November 4, 2013

September Happenings

Our September was a fun one.

We did so many things!

- Jack had his first ever toddler melt down complete with light head banging on the floor at IKEA. haha
- Jack was pictured a lot while he was enthralled with his "Melmo" movie. I hate to have him watch TV but sometimes a mamma just needs a minute!
- We went to our great friend Braden's birthday party and had a blast!
- Jack was so in love with Ute football. Steve loved dressing him up in the attire too!
- We tried more sensory play, this time with "Moon Sand" but Jack just wanted to eat it. Yes we are still in the phase, its going on about 9 months now. Please let it end soon!
- Daddy is always the softie and buys him slurpies when we go to Target.
- Isn't he so cute cuddling his Elmo!?
- He is talking up a storm now! He says things like Airplane "bee" (yeah I know its a stretch but it's consistent when airplanes actually do fly by) Dog is always "wa wa wa" (barking) Bird "Buu" (haha ok I'm seeing a theme here) 
- He now learned how to kiss and it is the CUTEST THING! He puckers up full kissy face and says "mmmmmmAAAA" haha it's so cute. He also now has to kiss everything he sees. Mostly the animals in his books. 
- He now climbs on the couch! I was so freaked out the first few times he did it. But now he knows he could fall off and is more careful.
- He knows how to fold his arms for a prayer! Oh it just melts my heart. too stinkin cute. 

Steve went to LA for some interviews while Jack and I spent the entire day at The Irvine Spectrum. Which is like the coolest mall in existence. I didn't have the greatest time ever because it was deathly hot and its an outdoor mall. also Jack just wanted to walk everywhere and he didn't nap. But we had fun on all the cool rides and especially the splash pad!

We went on Labor Day weekend to Sea World and saw the Shamu Rocks show! It was one of the last shows of the summer and totally worth it!

My cousin Kaylee and her husband Gus along with one of their kids Beckham came to visit us! We had so much fun with them. I swear Kaylee and I are long lost sisters. The boys had a blast too! Jack thought Beckham was the coolest thing ever because he was an older kid. haha we loved going to the beach as the sun went down!

Speaking of the beach. There are so many amazing beaches here! We just love exploring new ones all the time! 

The coolest part of the month was watching my brother open up his mission call! It was so fun to face time and get to see it as if I was there. The craziest part of the whole thing is he is going to the California Redlands mission which is like 2 hours away from where we live in SD!!! Crazy how that works. We are so happy for him and can't wait to her all about his wonderful adventures here in Cali!

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  1. so cute!! he is getting so big and you are one of ''those'' moms that just get more beautiful...not fair ;)