Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Summer

Yeah yeah I get it... I gave up on the blog.
 But I'm back! And hoping to catch up today!

I started doing Project Life scrapbooking and have been seriously preoccupied with that lately. I have done pretty much all of Jack's life up until now but I realized I love the blogging aspect of our life because I like to remember the things he did or said and the only way to remember is to write! 

So lets make this quick.

Our summer.

We pretty much spent our entire summer exploring! 

- The biggest news: Jack started WALKING!! He was officially off and running at 13 months.
- We went to the beach a ton! The summer started out with Jack eating the sand like non stop so I got frustrated and we didn't go back for like 2 months. But then he grew out of it and we started having a blast!
- We took swim lessons for two weeks strait every day. He kinda hates the water but never complained
- The title of our summer would be exploring. We spent the majority of our time outside just exploring the cute little grassy area right in front of our house
- We also spent some time indoors with cool toddler things like colored noodles
- We went to the Del Mar horse races and dressed up all fancy for it. It was hot, but we had a great time
- We of course participated in 7.11 Slurpee day! We went with friends Charlotte and Amelia
- We went to the Chargers family opening day thing (don't know what its actually called) Jack got his face painted and loved watching the team practice a game!
- Speaking of football... Jack is so obsessed! Steve taught him to say "Go Utes!" with a little fist pump and he says it every time any sort of sport comes on. He actually watches football too! (not my kid)
- He is obsessed with dairy and would giggle any time cheese or yogurt came out. haha
- He started saying so many words! He says things like Thanks "dis" Lion "roar" Monkey "oo oo- aa aa" or Snake "sss" haha

We had an awesome 4th of July spent down in St. George! We had homemade Popsicles and a homemade firework show! Winston had such a fun time with Barkley and Jack loved spending time at Grandma's house! 

He has become a little bit more than obsessed with Elmo. Steve started him on this craze when he introduced him to Elmo in Grouchland and boooooyyyy is this kid obsessed. We got him a stuffed Elmo and he loves that thing so much! He calls him "Melmo" :) haha We went to Sea World and there was a whole Sesame Street land complete with a life size Elmo. The picture explains his serious love for this furry red guy. haha

We had a little photo shoot of his exploring. I love how the simple things are so fascinating to him! He loved watching this colony of ants climb that wall outside our house all summer! Also you can kinda see our house in the bottom left pic.

As the summer continued we kept on enjoying that sweet San Diego sunshine!

- We decided to paint with water outside to see how well he would do with paint in the future. Yeah... this kid is never getting real paint. haha
- We got the cutest little pool from my mom and we loved filling it up and having a pool party! Of course our apartment complex has a pool and that one was actually more fun, but I forced Jack to like this mini pool. haha
- Steve went back home in August to hopefully gain some new contacts in the world of sports so we could move back home. We were so sad to see him go and so excited to see him come home! The top right was us waiting in the park and wait for his plane to land. 
- The bottom right pics crack me up. There is this tiny patch of dirt and of course he always finds it. I decided to let him try it out for once and his face says it all. He hasn't bothered it since then. 
- August was his first official skinned knee! I'm surprised we lasted that long for how much he loves being outside. 
- We finally had molars peeking through! Two top ones now and still no bottom ones yet. 

This summer was filled with some of the best memories we have ever had! I love being a mom to such an awesome little dude! We are just glad it still feels like summer in October because we have been outside pretty much every day since summer ended. We love you San Diego! Also isn't he such a little stud? Man he melts my heart P.S. those shoes he is wearing is some moccasins I made. I fell in love with some handmade ones that were $65 and decided to just make my own. haha (and yes he's holding a whisk. Silly kid.)

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