Monday, April 22, 2013

Jack is 10 Months

I actually posted on time for once! Whaaaat? haha I know...

Please tell me this is someone else's baby because mine certainly isn't 10 months old! (P.S. this really was the best picture I could take of him. He is a busy boy! No time for pictures!)

This month was probably my favorite one since Jack has been born! He has hit so many exciting milestones as well as we celebrated two holidays and a week and a half of family in town! Gosh I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

A cute girl that we have met down here took some pictures of him for Easter to send out to family. This one is my favorite :)

We got to go to Steve's uncle Mark's lab/office where he creates the biggest and baddest fountains in the world! (no seriously, he has made the biggest ones in the world. including Bellagio!!) yep. That's right. We have fame in the family! haha His lab was by far the coolest place I have ever toured. He had chemistry and engineering rooms all over the place! including his own shop where they make all the parts. And what cool office wouldn't be complete without a foyer with grass??? So.Cool. 

But the best part of the tour was when Steve got to stick his bare hand in legit fire and water!!

He is a brave man.

Then came the crazy fun week!
We spent the first day at Universal. Sadly this was the only day Steve could spend with us because the rest of the week he had school. It's also so sad that these two pictures were the only ones we took at Universal! 

We have a hipster baby :)

We spent 3 days in Disneyland/California Adventures with my family of 8, My mom's twin and her fam of 6, plus my uncle and his fam of 6! To top it all off it was spring break and there were a million people there!!! They said the park was at 85% capacity. No thank you. The picture at the top was the ridiculous line just to GET IN to Disneyland one morning. So our trip consisted of waiting in lines that no joke took 2 to 3 hours. We waited in line at the Cars Land ride for two and a half hours and waited at the tower of terror for 3 hours! (the crew above in "Radiator Springs" was the 2 1/2 hour wait) 
But we made the most of our time there! Jack loved going on rides and I think Grandma loved taking him on rides more. It was weird because I was kind of a kid again going on rides with my siblings and cousins. My mom was more than willing to take Jack and go ride baby rides while she let me go ride the big rides with the big kids. It felt so weird to not have a baby or husband with me! But I had such a fun time hanging out with my siblings and cousins. All three boys are leaving on their missions within a year so it was kind of their last hooray as well!

Of course we got some awesome pictures of the rides :)
If you look at the center picture, this was my sisters first time riding this ride and you can totally tell by their faces! Brooklyn (2nd in line) was TERRIFIED! And Halle (3rd) was terrified of getting wet! haha her face mixed with her poncho covering every inch of her entire body is priceless....

This was after our day in Sea World back in San Diego. We went out to dinner for our last night all together and couldn't resist the rainbow pants picture. haha We are so trendy! ;)

Now on to the Easter festivities.
I honestly think I have more pictures of Easter than I do of Christmas. Crazy.

We took my mom and sisters up about 30 minutes north to a city Easter egg hunt that had 22,000 eggs! It was perfect because it was set up by age so Jack got to pick them up with the rest of the babies. We had lots of fun! My favorite part was when my mom and sisters went down the slide. My sisters over dramatic sliding was hilarious. 

Easter morning!
The Easter bunny brought Jack a whole bunch of great stuff! He got a book, sippy cup, beach toys, clothes, and eggs filled with puffs! Every baby's dream... (if you look at the top right picture he is holding a baby cookie and is signing "more" because that's the only sign he knows and he knows it gets him food. haha)
Winston also got some eggs filled with treats!

After church we went up to Mt. Helix. Which is the tallest point in San Diego! (or the tallest point you can get to) There is a huge cross up there and places to walk around. It's such a fun place because you can see down town as well as the ocean! 

Are you sick of this holiday yet? Last collage!

Of course I had to document my baby's LAST FIRST HOLIDAY! I can't believe I am even saying those words. This past 10 months has been filled with firsts and now holidays are checked off the list :( He is growing up too stinkin fast!

We had a great Easter! 

Now on to the random bits from this month:

The green shirt picture was taken on St. Patrick's day.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it but Jack now has 6 teeth! 4 on top, 2 on bottom.
This baby is so smart! He has learned how to crawl with ease and kinda speed crawls now! He also knows how to pull himself up and cruise on the furniture. He can eat like nobodies business! He just learned how to drink from a sippy cup and now takes bottles since I finally gave up nursing after a serious fight with nobody but myself. haha He eats chunks of food and is constantly signing "more" this kid is never full! He will literally eat anything we put in front of him. He sometimes doesn't even look before he shoves it in! haha some of his favorite foods are toast, cheese, chicken, beans, blueberries, cheerios, and yogurt. He ate his first lemon and didn't even make a single face. The only face he made was an angry one when I took it away from him! He could have bit right into it without flinching! Speaking of biting... this kid bites everyithing. His favorite thing is his books. There are full chunks missing out of the cutest (not cheap) books and it just makes me so sad! I guess I have to learn that having kids is messy and life isn't always perfect. He also bites my shoulder when I am holding him! He bites the dog's furry tennis balls too which sicks me out... haha He has found a way to get into everything and destruction is the name of the game he plays every single day. He is obsessed with being outside and screams with delight when we go out, and screams with anger when we come back inside! haha good thing we live in San Diego!

He is starting to have his little personality show and it just melts my heart! He gives me the cheesiest grins and then reaches for me to hold him. (LOOOOVE that) He says "uh oh" (his first word) "wow" and just started learning all gone. He puts his arms up like "I don't know" and says "uh duh" (all gone) haha He also is starting to wave bye! He mimics us and the dog and his favorite one is when I say Hi all dramatic he says it back! I just love this baby! He is always so happy and content! He loves his dog and his daddy. We are having so much fun learning all about the world with him! I am so glad he is ours forever. Because I don't want this cuteness to end!


  1. You are the cutest mother EVER! Seriously, that little Jack is so lucky to have you for a mama! I love all the pictures, and it seems like you guys are having so much fun in San Diego! I hope school is going well for Steve and that you are loving living out there! Come visit soon, so that Jack and Lucy can be friends!! :)

    1. Oh Kathryn you are so sweet! You are a way cuter mom than me! and yeah we are loving San Diego! We are actually coming back home for 2 weeks in June! I would love to get together so Jack and Lucy can meet each other! I'll be at my moms house so it will be easy access :) haha.

  2. can't wait to see you guys in just another month!