Friday, March 15, 2013

Jack is 8 Months

Wow the time is flying by! Have we already spend a full month here in San Diego?

This Month:

Jack is growing up so fast! He now does so many funny things like clapping, motor boating with his mouth, making that Indian holler sound with his hand and mouth (with his tongue out I might add). He loves walking! He thinks he can walk all by himself... but he does about 10% of the work himself. haha silly baby! I guess he just thinks he's bigger than he really is! He is trying to figure out crawling, but still hasn't moved anywhere yet. 

He eats everything we feed him which is AWESOME! He has started to eat "puffs" and that's really his first solid food. Is it just my baby or do all babies love to put EVERYTHING in their mouth? My goodness I could have taken 2,000 pictures of things he has to put in his mouth! haha He is now starting to look like a little man! His hair is growing so fast and no longer can be spiked up :( its too heavy! He also has to grab everything! (hence the grabbing picture) There is nothing I can eat, play with, or look at without him grabbing it right out of my hands! I guess that's what babies do! (also isn't that eating pic hilarious? He was biting down on the spoon and woudn't let go! haha) 

Among everything else, we got a season pass to Sea World! Jack loved the Shamu show :)

This month we celebrated my birthday! It wasn't the same without family here but we still had fun! This was the only pic I took of my actual birthday... haha

We celebrated the big 23 with a trip to Disneyland! It was raining but that didn't stop us! We basically walked on to every ride. Steve surprised me and made reservations for the Blue Bayou restaurant and it was so fun! The pictures are a little fuzzy because it was dark. They gave me some mousse for dessert and Steve and Jack ended up eating more than me! (I just have to look away when Steve feeds Jack all of these sweets. He tells me every baby eats ice cream and treats like this! Please tell me he is right...)

On a ride in Bugs Land! Isn't he looking so old these days?

The cutest family shot of us on that trip! I love how Jack just looks like "Ok I'm sick of pictures, when is this ride starting?" haha He LOVED the rides by the way. He would scream and grunt when we got off of them! (he never usually gets upset, so to tell us he is not happy he grunts. haha its pretty funny!)

Another thing we weren't expecting is how much Jack loved the characters! He would light up and start high pitch squealing when he saw them! He loved touching them and also eating their noses! haha isn't this one precious with his hand on Pluto?

That pretty much sums up this month. We are enjoying the outdoors here in southern Cali and can't wait for it to get a little warmer outside! Steve started school and jumped in head first! He has become super busy and its definitely an adjustment getting used to him doing so much homework! We still have lots of fun though! :) We have met a cute family that live in our apartment complex and are LDS like us. The crazy part, He loves sports as much as Steve and they have a little boy just two months younger than Jack! Rachel is the girl's name and she stays home just like me! We have had a blast hanging out with them and are glad to have found someone to play with!

I thought I'd add a little "behind the scenes" collage of what it takes to actually get one of these pictures taken. haha I guess you could say the sun was too bright in his eyes? He melts my heart :)

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