Friday, June 8, 2012

Update on the belly

Ugh I have been dreading this post....

Today is June 8. My sweet little sister turns ten!!! She is growing up so fast!

Today also marks me at 40 weeks plus 3 days.... yep that baby is now OVERDUE! I never thought I would actually say that my baby is overdue! My mom has had all of her babies 3 to 4 weeks early! I was prepared to have this baby around May 10th and then I waited, and waited, and I am still waiting!!!! It is so annoying going over your due date. I have been mentally preparing for this birth for ten whole months now! I just want to meet my little man. Steve has been bugging me for days asking me why I just can't have him! (believe me we have tried everything.) 
Steve accepted a new job pretty much on the fly just about three weeks ago and has actually been riding out his PTO from his last job these past couple of weeks. We thought it would work out perfectly because baby J was supposed to come a few weeks early, that would mean that by the time he was supposed to start his new job (June 11) we would already have about a two week old and plenty of great time at home all together! Well today marks the last day of his PTO.... and STILL NO BABY! 
We have tried long walks up pretty steep hills, I drank castor oil the day before I was due (Please don't ever drink castor oil. Miserable day for me!) Steve has done acupressure on my feet, I have even eaten the pregnant pizza. Which I also wouldn't recommend. It's from Trio cafe and it literally has full cloves of garlic on it. Yuck!

So needless to say... I am still pregnant. I never thought it would be like this but those babies come when they want! We do have a light at the end of the tunnel! I am scheduled to be induced Monday night at 8. That's June 11, which also happens to be our anniversary as well as my step dads birthday, so we hope he comes on the 12! 

 39 weeks. I have started to run out of clothes to wear! I wear the same 5 shirts every week! 
I also stopped doing my board at 37 weeks. I feel so ashamed! I just kept thinking I would have him any day and the weeks just flew by! 

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