Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby Jack's Nursery

I have been SOOO excited about this post! His room isn't 100% done but I couldn't wait any longer to show you what I have done so far!

I have pretty much made or redone everything in this room. I have had such a fun time decorating this little space and I can't believe its finally done! I spent months contemplating what colors and theme to have in his room and I am pretty proud of the end result! 

I'm sorry, I have a ton of pictures! You have been warned!

Lets start with the best part, his crib! We got it from Babies R Us and Steven was so sweet to put it up! This was our first piece of furniture and by far the most fun to decorate! I made all of his bedding and I got it from I spent MONTHS deciding just what to make so this part definitely took the longest time!

Steve wanted a sportsy room because he loves sports so much, but I just couldn't bring myself to doing an entire sports themed room. So I let him have the cute little sports mobile! (from Target)

This is the right side of his room. We have to have a big dresser in there because there isn't enough room in our room for it! 

This rocking chair was given to us by my mom's wonderful neighbor! I should have taken a pic of the before, it was dark wood and maroon cushions! Thanks to my mom, it is now white with the cutest dot fabric ever! She did this entire chair herself. The fabric was from Carousel Designs (online). I covered the lamp with more of the premier prints from and the nightstand was thrifted. 

This little baby inspired the entire room! I made this before I did anything else and I absolutely love it! It came as an online scrapbook kit that I bought and printed and cut out. The frame is thrifted.

This cute little shelf was once in our living room. My mom supplied the cute little letters and I painted/covered them. The duckie is from grandma Jane :)

I had to try to make this dresser cute so this is all of his burp rags and this adorable print from my best friend Lauryn! She makes so many awesome things! You should check out here blog, Make sure to look at her etsy shop too!

This is the left half of his room. This is the most unfinished part but I couldn't really finish it until he comes!

This is his changing station (from Amazon) that my awesome husband also put together. This thing was a beast! It took him forever to build! The baskets from Target. Pretty much every basket in the room is from Target! I made his changing pad cover from the Premier prints fabric. 

This is his collage wall that still needs help. I am waiting on some maternity pics as well as some newborn pics! So I'll update this wall later. In it right now are his ultrasound pic, two animal prints from my mom's cricut and a little Jesus wants me for a sunbeam print that I found online. 

I just had to sneak in this pic of all his cute little blankets. Almost every one of them was handmade from some of the sweetest people I know! Thanks so much! 

This is on his door right now. My mom made it for when he arrives! (If he ever decides to make his appearance...)

Kinda random, but I just had to put a pic of his closet in! It is stuffed so full! We have got some of the most amazing gifts from people! 

I couldn't resist taking this shot of his clothes. I have never been so in love with boys clothing before! Most of this is also thanks to wonderful people because I have only bought just a handful of those outfits!! (mostly thanks to my moma, she can't stop buying him clothes!)

This is another picture I couldn't resist. We have HUNDREDS of diapers! Once again, I haven't bought a single one! Thanks to all of the generous people who bought us all of these!

His room once again. Because you have been reading for hours now and probably forgot what it all looked like! haha Thanks for sticking it out to the end! I have enjoyed putting all of my heart into this cute little room. This baby is truly loved! Thanks to everyone who has given me such amazing things and helped us put it all together! And thanks to my husband who has put up with all of my crazy ideas and mind changes, and for building all of the furniture! 

Now this baby just needs to get here to enjoy his room!


  1. Kylie, the nursery is perfect! Everything came together wonderfully! :) I can't believe baby Jack still isn't here, but I am hoping he will make his arrival soon!!! You are darling, even at 40+ weeks pregnant!! Way to go woman! he will be here soon, and you will be the cutest mother alive! Can't wait to meet him!

    1. Oh thanks you are so sweet! Yeah I figured it was best to get this post out of the way while I still have time left! haha I kept thinking I wasn't going to have any time before he arrived but obviously that isn't the case. But I'm not complaining because I am just enjoying my last few days of freedom!

  2. So cute Kylie! Good luck these next couple of days, you're so cute and I'm so excited and happy for you!

  3. Oh it's so adorable, Kylie! Great job on all your hard work! It paid off for sure, I love it! I can't wait to see it in person, while Baby J is in my arms giving me a tour of his darling bedroom. He is one lucky boy to be getting such a cute & talented Mama!

    Hang in there, just a few more days!
    p.s. I had forgotten that your anniversary is the 11th...I'll be praying for a June 12th (or 10th) arrival!

    1. I know I am so worried about him coming on the 11th! That's also my dad Jared's birthday! I want him to have his own day! haha so I'm pretty sure he is coming on the 12th which I am perfectly happy with!

  4. CUTEST NURSERY EVER!!!! I love every part of it... it's hard to pick a favorite. I think the frame with the little pieces of scrapbook paper is probably my fav. so cute! poor todd has shared a pink and white nursery for the last year. You've totally inspired me to do something for him!

    and i hope that as i'm writing this post you have a sweet little boy in your arms!
    good luck with everything! i'm so sad that we can come visit you in the hospital like you did for us. I cant wait to see pictures and hear the whole birth story! :)

    1. Oh you are so sweet! I'm sure Todd doesn't mind his room is a bit girly :) I did have Jack the day you posted it but not until later in the morning. We wish we could have seen you too! We miss those sweet kids! Hope all is well in AZ and the move went smoothly!