Thursday, January 21, 2010

Creative Splurge

So I have been itching to make something cute lately. My mom is such a great jewelry maker and I would like to say I had something to do with her starting that business. Well now that I'm not at home my creative juices are just fizzling out. So yesterday while I was sitting at my desk at work with nothing but time I decided I want to make fabric flowers somehow. I have been going crazy looking at some beautiful blogs that these crafty moms have posted. I hope that someday I can be just half as amazing as those ladies! I'm still not sure what I will be crafting but Steve has to work all day on Sautrday, which means I'll be heading up to Syracuse and using my mom's sewing machine! I hope to get really good and possibly sell some of it. But first I need to know what I'm making! haha I'll be sure to post some of my creations.... who knows exactly how it will turn out though!

1 comment:

  1. Kylie you are so funny! Maybe i'll see you while you are up in Syracuse! I hope your crafts turn out cute!! I am sure they will!