Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The day we got married was of course the best day of our lives up till now. We had such a romantic wedding and I loved everything about it! Our photographer was amazing and our reception center was beautiful! I don't have time to go into detail about all of it but it was breathtaking. There was so much going on that day I can hardly remember it all! The one memeory that was engraved in my mind forever was our sealing. What a special moment. I remember feeling almost out of my body. The spirit was so strong and the air felt almost hard to breathe! Steven was so cute when he cried, which made me cry.... it was just perfect! And with that kiss it was done... We had finally made it! I love everything about that boy and I can't believe we are almost at our 6 month mark! We have had a typical time as newlyweds. We stay home all the time and just love being with each other. It was certainly a change but we are now used to living with each other. We love traveling and have already taken several trips in our six months! In October we took a trip to DISNEYWORLD and that was the best trip ever! We ran around like little kids while laughing at the parents disciplining their kids! We have the best life right now. We only have each other and thats the way we intend to keep it for now. We are so excited for our first Christmas and can't wait to get our wii :) haha
This past year has been such a dream. I look at girls who aren't married and I just feel so bad for them! They are missing out on the greatest expierence you can ever go through! I hope this love and infatuation stays right where it is because we are both so happy. Steven is teaching in Elders Quorum and I am the Nursery Leader. We are liking our ward and enjoying getting to know new people. School and work are a bore but we know they will be over soon enough! My new years resolution is to keep up on our blog! I'm starting a little early but its better to start now then to procrastinate!


  1. It's about time you updated girl!!!! ha ha You better keep up on this!! I love you!!!

  2. HOORAY for a blog post! You're wedding was BEAUTIFUL.... what a great day! I have lots of cute candids from the Big Day I should send you to post on here. Happy six months!

  3. Along with the other two comments...Yay! You updated! We love you guys!