Monday, August 5, 2013

Jack's First Birthday

Jack is now 1! We celebrated way more than any baby ever should. But we had a blast doing it! I'll keep the wordage short, because the pictures do the talking!

My heart melts :) 

Oh he is just too stinkin cute!

We did a little celebrating before the big day with Daddy before we went to Utah and he went off to the Dominican Republic. (more on that later)

I love that he is feeding Steve some of his cake fingers!
And don't worry, he didn't eat that whole cake by himself! He mostly ate just what you see. 

I die!

His actual party was so much fun! We did a nautical theme and I had a blast planning it! I had a collage of his month by month pictures as well as some from his little one year photo shoot. We had great food and fun treats like "Oyster pearls" "Catch of the day" and "Saltwater Taffy" haha

This kid was a pro at eating all things sugar by this point so he enjoyed his very small cupcake/smash cake. He got so many fun presents and I loved watching him open them and get all excited!

So many wonderful people came to his party! He is sure one loved little boy! :) 
Here with Great Grandma Taylor, Grandparents: Shelly, Jared, and Connie. Aunties Brooklyn and Halle. Lauryn and my cousin Kaylee with her sweet twin girls who are just a month younger than Jack!

We had such a fun time celebrating! We were just sad Daddy wasn't there for some of it. Good thing he won't remember any of it anyway. :)


  1. so cute Ky! Can't believe we have 1 year olds! :) His party looked darling, and I am so glad we got to see you while you were visitng!

  2. Good job on the party - so fun! Everything is so stinkin' cute! That is one adorable nephew I have! Love him so much! & what a cute pic that is of you at the bottom, Kylie! Love you guys! xo