Monday, January 2, 2012

17 Weeks

(Excuse this mess of a picture. We were ten minutes away from hitting the road to St. George and I didn't even think to make sure the board was strait on the wall!)

That's right! Little baby Fuller is a boy! We found out two days before Christmas and surprised our families with the news on Christmas day! They had no idea we were going to find out the sex before then and they were all thrilled! I crafted this big box with the most perfect lid that just came right off the top and we put a little blue balloon in it with his ultrasound pictures. I wanted all of the pictures plus my It's a boy sign to be taped onto the balloon, but it could barely hold up one pic before it didn't float out of the box. So I had to make due by hanging them from strings attached to the lid. It looked kinda stupid and not everyone got it, but I had no other options on Christmas eve at 10 pm! Everyone is so excited he is a boy. I thought for sure I was having a girl so I was a bit shocked he was a boy. It took me a few days to switch my brain but I am certainly glad I wont be going broke buying all of those cute girl clothes!
His name will be Jack and my mom already bought him his first couple of outfits! It was so much fun shopping for him and I just know he will be the best dressed little boy with my mom as his grandma. I wish I could get his whole room put together tomorrow, but I realize I have to wait and still search for his things and he wont even be here for another 5 months! It's just so exciting I can't wait that long!

How far along: 17 weeks
Baby's measurements: 5.1 in. 5.9 oz.
Sleep: My doc says it's time to sleep on my side, so I'm having a hard time being comfortable all night. I usually sleep on my stomach and find myself trying it out when I'm dead asleep, but can't stay long because baby sure doesn't like that position!
Movement: It's amazing. I feel him so much now and every single day! He sure loves when I eat. I notice him kicking and moving around about a half an hour after I eat. I still can't tell what he is doing, only that he is having a blast in there!
Food cravings: I really crave burgers. I could go like a year without eating them before, but now I always want them! And some odd reason strawberry milk sure sounds great today.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Just driving in the car. I can't do a single thing in the car besides look at the road.
Happy or moody? Very happy this week :)
Weekly wisdom: Put your socks on before you button your pants. I can't bend over when my pants are tight! ha I guess I'm pushing right into him when I try that.
Looking forward to: Our official doctors ultrasound. I scheduled it for next week!

A picture taken on Steve's phone so not the best quality
Close up

And this is a video of my family opening the present. This is their first grand baby and we knew they would have the biggest reaction. We couldn't get the video camera started up before my step dad just took the lid off, so this is Steve's view from behind the couch, not the best quality but you still get the idea!


  1. Congrats! You will save a lot of money not buying all those girl things! I am happy for you :)

  2. Your little video made me cry. I'm SO happy for you, Kylie!

  3. Yay!! I'm so excited for you guys!!! Just a warning... you're little man is going to steal your heart! :) I hope we get to meet him sooner than later. I'm sad we're so far away now! We were supposed to be your first visitors at the hospital and bring you guys Carl's Jr! :)

  4. I love your monthly pictures with the chalkboard - you are such a cutie! We are so excited for your little boy to arrive :)