Tuesday, July 19, 2011


OK, I am so sorry for how terrible I have been about writing this summer but I promise to update you all right now! I got a job while being out here and I work 10 hour days and get home at 8pm. So I haven't had any energy or time to write! But we are having a great time out here! We don't do much because I work on the weekends as well, but what we have done has been lots of fun! So here it goes...

Our Two Year Anniversary
We spent our second year anniversary here on the east coast and decided to take a weekend trip down to Atlantic City! (about a 2 hour drive) Steven surprised me and didn't tell me we were going until the day we left! He got us tickets to Michael Buble and we had a blast! We also ate at the awesome Melting Pot. Such a memorable weekend! We loved getting away from it all and thought Atlantic City could be our mini Vegas getaway :)

Stephen and Ariel
Stevens good mission buddy Stephen hehe... Came out to live in the city for the summer and had his wife visit one weekend. We decided to play in the city and show them all around. They wanted to see Wicked so we stood in line for the lottery. We thought we had a pretty good chance of winning because it was 4 names that could be drawn. We told them that if we won we would give them our tickets and of course... I WON! It was a little sad to give up front row to one of the best Broadway shows but I just knew they would love it! Also Ariel was wearing her cute green necklace! A sign that she just had to go! We also ate in little Italy at Lombardi's pizza that night. They loved the pizza so much they said they went back in just a few days! We loved playing tour guide and had a great time hanging out with them!

Summer 2011 Shows
We haven't seen nearly as many shows this summer as last (our count was up to 25!) But we have seen some good ones! How to Succeed in Buisness without Really Trying, with Harry Potter was super cute! Spiderman had an awesome set but terrible music! haha Anything Goes had the ever so famous Sutton Foster, who is brilliant by the way. She is the best actor on Broadway and was super cute! We saw Beauty and the Beast (the inside of the theater is the tiny pic on the bottom corner) and also went to David Letterman! Where Lady Gaga was the star and we got a few seconds of face time with the TV! Even though we haven't seen as many shows, we are still happy with the ones we have seen!

New Jersey State Fair
We loved going to the fair! We are a sucker for fried Oreos and terrible entertainment! We got to feed a camel in the petting zoo (which I was terrified of) and Steve got to be part of the act at the circus! Coke was there with this amazing Coke bar that was like 30 degrees and snowing inside this little dome! We got our picture taken inside with the coke bear and our little free samples of Coke! We loved it in there especially because it was so hot outside!

4th of July
The 4th of July is the best part about spending our summer in New York! We get to see the world famous firework show put on by Macy's and this year it was better than last! We scoped out our spot at this park at about 2 in the afternoon! We were so glad we did because people were going crazy and crowding around everywhere to see the show! They were lit off over the Hudson on 5 barges and were all timed by computers. We had a great day of just playing card games and having fun at the park.

We have since then gone to Palmyra and Niagara falls and I can't wait to post all about that! It will be a much bigger and better post ;) Thanks for being patient! I promise to be better about updating, and just to let you know we only have 2 weeks left!


  1. I'm so jealous about the Michael Buble concert!!! How awesome! When you guys get back, we'll have to get together to hear all about your adventures. Sounds like you guys are having an awesome time!

  2. Awww sounds SO fun! I'm jealous of the Michael Buble concert, too!
    Love the update and all the pics! I hadn't checked over here because I hadn't realized that you had gone private again! Enjoy your last few weeks in the big city. We're excited to have you back soon. Parker was just randomly saying yesterday how much he misses you guys!