Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas and Disneyland

This Holiday was the best!
Steven and I got to go to Disneyland, Visit with family and hang out with great friends!

Of course the highlight of our month was in fact Disneyland!
We had such a wonderful time together and of course what is more magical than Disneyland? Well thats Disneyland in December!
We were so excited for the fireworks, parades, Santa, Lights, and of course they make it snow every night! I couldn't even wait!

We drove to California to find this waiting for us....


We tried to stay as positive as we could but it was real hard! We spent our first day in Universal Studios and got to me some great characters! They had a little place where they had snow, but they didn't hold their tree lighting ceremony :(

We spent the other two days in Disney and it was a tad bit miserable... No fireworks, No making it snow,No Parades, No Santa... It was very sad! We made the most of it though by riding all our favorite rides and enjoying the Christmas things that were still open!

Steven has the best hookups ever... His uncle designed fountains and put one in Disney world (as well as the one at Bellagio) So he has a membership at this super secret restaurant in the Disneyland park and we got to go eat there! It's called Club 33 and nobody even knows this place exists and we were so glad to get out if the rain! The next time you go to Disneyland, walk down the New Orleans square street, and look to your left right after the exit of the Pirates ride. Its this completely unmarked door except for the number 33. They do such a good job of hiding it because all the little shops around it are numbered as if it was just part of the street! The cute thing is, its called club 33 because thats what Walt's house address was! I took pictures of the square from inside the restaurant as well as where it is hidden in the square! It was such amazing food and did I mention lunch cost $72? But not to worry! Because with your reservation to this marvelous restaurant you actually get into the park for free. Such an awesome deal! and we had a blast!

The best ride that changed for Christmas was the Haunted Mansion. They changed it into the Nightmare Before Christmas! I tried real hard to take some pictures of the ride but they didn't really work... Steven really enjoyed it though! (Thats a lot for him because he HATES that movie.) It's a Small World was also changed. It was so cute! and once again, Steven said it was actually bearable!

We also saw this amazing show called World Of Color which is now at California Adventures and we highly recommend you see it!

Even thought we were wet the entire time we still had such a good time and we just loved spending time together away from school and work!

This was the last view of Disney we saw before we left. :)

I wasn't so great about taking pictures of Christmas day. We had such a great day though! Steven is so good to me... He got me a PHONE and a SEWING MACHINE! I got him lame clothes... We had a blast seeing the family and traveling all over Utah just like the movie Four Christmases. We are so lucky to have such an amazing family too!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


  1. So fun! You should have told us you were going to Disneyland! We went too! We went on the 21st when it was raining and wet...we didn't stay for long though since we had Lucy with us.
    Happy New Year! We've gotta catch up hang out together now that the holidays are over and before school gets too crazy!

  2. Very cute! I am so jeaous of your trip to Disneyland! I want to go sooo bad!!!