Sunday, August 29, 2010

Massachusetts In the Summer

We decided that before we headed back to Utah that we needed to explore this beautiful New England country side! So we set off in search of Boston the weekend before we left. We drove down with two girls from Steven's work. One was another internship (Bridgette) doing exactly the same thing as Steve, and the other one worked in the marketing department with them as a full time employee (Michelle).

We had so much fun spending our little weekend up in the big MA. We got to see Boston, which is one of America's oldest cities. We did the famous "Duck Tour" which means you take these old army boat/buses on a tour around the city. Once you are done seeing the sights on land, you just drive strait up to the water and hop on in! It was half duck half car. One of the best ways to see the city though! We walked down some romantic streets with some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen! Lots of the streets were made of brick and had that old time feel. We walked around some really old churches and got to see the cute little shops of Boston. We of course had to have some New England clam chowder when we were there so we headed to a place that was almost like Red Lobster. The clam chowder was to DIE FOR! so good.

The next day we headed up a few miles to the great Salem. It was so hilarious because this town wasn't your average Disneyland, but there were people flocking there like you would not believe! All they had was some cemeteries of the people who were involved with the Salem witch trials, and a bunch of witchy shops trying to get you to buy spells and potions. The best of all of these shops is called HEX. You walk in and all it is is a shop filled with voodoo dolls, special healing rocks, power casting candles, and of course some Ouija crap. These people actually believed in all of this stuff too! We were just minding our own business smelling some of the candles (because it was really the only thing we knew what it was!) and this lady comes over and says "Don't you dare touch the pregnancy candle!!" She then explained to us that she once picked it up and smelled it and she became pregnant within the week. What a crazy! haha We had such a great time just delighting in these people! One of our friends Michelle decided to get a physic reading by the most famous lady in all of Salem. She wears silver literally up both arms because she says it protects her. We could have sworn she was a witch!

After we had enough of the crazy witch people we decided to get some more... you guessed it... Clam Chowder! We went to this breathtaking little pier and ate at Capt.'s grill. Once again the chowder was a winner. I have never been anywhere on the East coast so to visit a place as beautiful as Boston was just amazing. There were so many cute fishing piers and just beautiful scenery! We were a little bummed we didn't visit in the fall because many say it is the most beautiful sight they have ever seen! We were just glad to get a little taste of it though. We had so much fun road tripping with our friends and would love to do it again!


  1. I am so glad you got to go to Boston and Salem. I have been to both those places too and yes they are super fun! It sounds like you had an awesome summer!

  2. That would be so funny if you got pregnant in a week! haha! well, maybe not... :)
    If you guys are home now, we should get together when we're not all too busy with school!