Monday, May 10, 2010

The Great White Way Countdown

Well if anyone has been keeping up with us you would know that there are only 18 more days until we leave this desert and head for the concrete jungle! We are getting very excited. Also if you know us you know that Steven and I are planning on seeing a lot of Broadway shows. How many might you ask? Well let's just say that when people say, "Oh you guys should go see a show!" We reply with, "Pffff a show... we are seeing 20!" ...And that's no lie either.
In case you think we are lying I have decided to list each and every show we are thinking of seeing this summer, and it goes like this.
(In no particular order...)

1. The Addams Family
2. Chicago
3. Jersey Boys
4. La Cage Aux Folles
5. Lend me a Tenor
6. Mama Mia!
7. Mary Poppins
8. Next To Normal
9. Phantom of the Opera
(We have already bought these tickets for our One Year Anniversary)
10. Promises, Promises
11. Rock of Ages
12. South Pacific
13. West Side Sory
14. Wicked
15. The 39 Steps
16. Blue Man Group
17. Banana Shpeel (Cirque du Soleil)
18. Stomp
19. Tony n Tina's Wedding
20. Screwtape Letters

Now I know after reading that list you are probably thinking to yourself, ok these two are Poor Students, how can they come up with enough cash for twenty shows? Well thanks to my cute Steven we have been able to find student rush tickets for most all of these shows! We can get into a standard Amazing show like Phantom for something like $35 bucks!
So we decided to go for it and pretty much see every show we can think of! If we were to calculate how many shows we have to see to get them all in, you're looking at about 2 shows a week.... so who knows just how many we will see, but thats our goal! One thing is for sure, we will be posting about each show we see so stay tuned to find out how The Great White Way Countdown pans out!


  1. Oh Kylie! I hope you have so much fun! What an experience to live in New York! Maybe I'll have to come visit ;) I'm excited for you!

  2. Kylie! your blog is so cute! It is so fun to see pictures of steve since I never got to meet him! Well have a BLAST in new york! I am really way sad you are leaving, but it will be such a fun adventure for you two! keep in touch girl!!

  3. so NOT fair! totally jealous. have lots of fun at the big apple! can't wait to hear about all of your adventures